Greendale Forrest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Barber and Beauty

Beauty shop hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:00am until between 5:00pm and 7:00pm depending on demand.

Resident’s Council

The Resident’s Council is a valuable asset and Greendale Forest listens to the council’s request and recommendation s for services. The council helps plan special meals and is very helpful in ensuring that the menus are customized to local preferences.

Religious Services

Religious services schedule: (This schedule may vary)

• Sundays: Sunday school at 10:00am , Cottage Prayer Ministry at 6:30pm

• Third Monday: Music is My Ministry at 10:30am

• First Tuesday: Washington Branch at 2:30pm Church, Cornerstone Church at 6:30pm

• Second Tuesday: First Baptist Church at 7:00pm

• Fourth Tuesday: Hull Road Church Baptist at 7:00pm

• Wednesdays: Morning Devotion at 10:00am

• First Thursday: Pate Town Church of God at 10:30am, Victory Dominion at 6:30pm

• Second Thursday: Mount Moriah Church at 10:30am, Liberty Baptist at 7:00pm

• Third Thursday: Snow Hill Pentecost at 7:00pm

• Fourth Thursday: Calvary Memorial Church at 2:30pm

• First Friday: Brown’s Chapel at 10:30am

• Third Friday: Neuse Baptist Faith Riders at 7:00pm

• Fourth Friday: Brown’s Chapel at 10:30am

• First Saturday: Jumping Run Church at 3:00pm, Covenant of Faith at 7:00pm

• Second Saturday: Breaking Boundaries Outreach Ministry at 10:30am

• Fourth Saturday: Tabernacle of Prayer at 11:00am, People Need the Lord Ministry at 2:30


Our handicapped accessible van not only assists residents in going to appointments but also takes residents on shopping and other community activities.

Other Amenities:

  • housekeeping
  • laundry service