Greendale Forrest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Resident Stories

Mrs. Hazel’s Story

“To me Greendale Forest has the best rehab therapy staff anywhere. Everyone works so good together and gets along so well with one another. They were all so good to me and they certainly got me back on my feet. They have genuine concern for their patients. I thank God that they have a staff that cares and wants to help people. It got me home.” — Mrs. Hazel

Herman Hill’s Story

“I am excited to have this opportunity to share briefly my experience at Greendale Forest Skilled Nursing Facility. I am a 65 year old man who underwent an acute onset of illness.

“I had no idea what rehabilitation facilities were all about, but very soon after my arrival I felt very secure. Kindness, consideration and thoughtful care were shown to me immediately by the staff. The encouragement, patience and knowledge given me from this diligent total interdisciplinary team made it so much easier for me to achieve my goals towards getting stronger and returning to my previous level of functioning.” — Herman Hill